All assignments, quizzes and examinations are graded by the TOADS system:

T – Terrible O – Outstanding A – Average D – Deficient S – Skilled

Enrolment and Arrival Children who are 11 before August 31st receive their Salem Witches’ Institute acceptance letter by owl. If they’re muggle-born and unaware of their magical powers, a school staff member will deliver the letter in person, explain magical society to the child and their parents and assist them with shopping for school supplies if needed. Students older than 11 who went to wizarding schools in foreign countries, but moved to the USA and intend on going to Salem Witches’ Institute, must meet-up with the Headmaster before the school year begins to see if they’re even qualified to attend and exchange records detailing the student’s previous academic progress. Foreign students aren’t allowed to transfer in the middle of term. Bright and early on the morning of September 1st, a hulking black quadruple decker bus arrives to pick students up at their houses. Owned and operated by Bewitched Bus Services ©, the institute is leased four buses to deliver students to school and back according to where they live at the beginning and end of the year. There are separate buses; one of each for northern, eastern, western and southern states. The buses are invisible to muggles and fly at about the speed of an airplane. There are four large passenger cabins in each level of the bus, equipped with comfortable, reclining seats, luggage racks and lavatories. Witches manage stands where students may purchase snacks, but the buses are enchanted to fly themselves.

Students take the Grossly Nefarious Official Magical Examinations at the end of their seventh year before they graduate. The examinations are the most important one’s they’ll ever take, because depending on how well they do is what qualifies them for many magical careers.

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Missmelody (talk) 22:36, July 30, 2013 (UTC)

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