• Madeyefire

    Site Admins

    July 30, 2013 by Madeyefire

    Now that most of the wiki is set up... We need to assign different people to take care of a certain part of the wiki. There are: 

    Sorting and Stores

    Out of Character Department (helping newbies)

    Activity Implementation (making sure everyone is active xD )

    I can be head of sorting. :p

    What does everybody else think?

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  • Madeyefire

    Wiki Notes

    July 29, 2013 by Madeyefire

    "The Salem Witches’ Institute is actually located in Oregon, not Massachusetts. The school was founded in 1742 and named after the Salem Witch Trials, which had ended fifty years previously. The location was chosen in part due to its remoteness from muggle culture, but in 1842 the town of Salem, Oregon was founded – named after the Institute, because at the time the population of the town was actually largely magical. The Institute is located about an hour’s broom flight away from Salem, on a magically shrouded bit of coastline."

    "It is not a girls’ school and never was. Even though it was named after the Salem Witches, the school has always been open to both witches and wizards. Even though this had been the standard in European wizarding …

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