• TheGoodDeath

    Site Admins

    July 30, 2013 by TheGoodDeath

    Now that most of the wiki is set up... We need to assign different people to take care of a certain part of the wiki. There are: 

    Sorting and Stores

    Out of Character Department (helping newbies)

    Activity Implementation (making sure everyone is active xD )

    I can be head of sorting. :p

    What does everybody else think?

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  • Mintmi

    Some Salem Info

    July 30, 2013 by Mintmi

    All assignments, quizzes and examinations are graded by the TOADS system:

    T – Terrible O – Outstanding A – Average D – Deficient S – Skilled

    Enrolment and Arrival Children who are 11 before August 31st receive their Salem Witches’ Institute acceptance letter by owl. If they’re muggle-born and unaware of their magical powers, a school staff member will deliver the letter in person, explain magical society to the child and their parents and assist them with shopping for school supplies if needed. Students older than 11 who went to wizarding schools in foreign countries, but moved to the USA and intend on going to Salem Witches’ Institute, must meet-up with the Headmaster before the school year begins to see if they’re even qualified to attend …

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  • BeatriceMillerIsTheBest

    Here are the rules for char models:

    • You can't use anybody from the Harry Potter films. No matter how big of a character they portrayed.
    • You can't use A-List celebrities. B-list and below are okay. This means no Britney Spears or Leo DiCaprio.

    I've made The Administration page for showing the administration of the wiki and their status. 

    This is very new wiki and we appreciate all the help we can get!

    All day, every day's a holiday, Bea's alright 24Seven

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  • Mintmi

    Salem Dress Code

    July 29, 2013 by Mintmi

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  • TheGoodDeath

    Wiki Notes

    July 29, 2013 by TheGoodDeath

    "The Salem Witches’ Institute is actually located in Oregon, not Massachusetts. The school was founded in 1742 and named after the Salem Witch Trials, which had ended fifty years previously. The location was chosen in part due to its remoteness from muggle culture, but in 1842 the town of Salem, Oregon was founded – named after the Institute, because at the time the population of the town was actually largely magical. The Institute is located about an hour’s broom flight away from Salem, on a magically shrouded bit of coastline."

    "It is not a girls’ school and never was. Even though it was named after the Salem Witches, the school has always been open to both witches and wizards. Even though this had been the standard in European wizarding …

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